Research and development center

    BoyaSeehot Research center was established in 2014, 2016 company approved the establishment of Boya biological postdoctoral research station, and hired Fudan University professor, Chinese Academy of Engineering - Chen Fen Er as chief scientist, and Fudan University signed a cooperation agreement to build "Fudan - Boya-Marsteller Engineering Joint Laboratory ".

     R & D center and production and manufacturing are closely related to the research and development platform, including chemical synthesis, microbiology, preparations, natural compounds and other fields, a synthesis, product information center, analysis and testing center, microbial control center, reporting department, the R & D platform are built R & D laboratories and small and medium-sized trial production workshop, for new products, new technology development to provide seamless docking.

    In addition to the company has a research and development center in the Department, in Shanghai and Fudan University has a "Fudan-Seehot Pharmaceutical Engineering Joint Laboratory." Products related to cardiovascular, anti-tumor, diabetes, antidepressant, antibiotics, prostate and other treatment areas.

    In the research and development of the product not only rely on their own strength, but also extensively with domestic and foreign universities or research institutions, such as Tsinghua University, the Chinese People's Liberation Army Military Medical College, Chinese medicine, Nanchang University, Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Jiangxi College of Chinese medicine Schools and so on.

     Market-oriented, based on the development of pharmaceutical industry, and continuously enhance the important role of R & D center.