Research and development project


Although the company is currently in the start-up period, but through the layout of various popular domestic and international pharmaceutical industry market has been carried out simultaneously a number of research and development projects, including cooperation with Guizhou Tianan transfer of calcium benzenesulfonate, azazidine, Urea and repaglinide four varieties of raw materials, and Nanjing Ke Feiping cooperation in the development of cetifloxacin APIs and tablets, and the United States developed by the Austrian Pharmaceutical Fenoxomide hydrochloride capsules, sitagliptin metformin And the new film, and Fudan University in cooperation with the development of statins intermediates and bulk drug products, involving diabetes, anti-indigestion, anti-infection, antihypertensive and high cholesterol and other popular pharmaceutical industry market, in line with the company's future diversity The concept of development, great market potential